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Interesting. I suppose the drivers that own their own taxi's would have more of a say in who they drive and who they do not drive. I don't think it is right.. but in this day and age I can see it happening.


What if a muslim took a job as a waiter? would he demand no alcohol be served there?


This is the same as a pharmacist refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control due to his/her religious beliefs. If you take a job (any job) and you have certain duties because of that job you need to do those duties. It's not as if either group (Muslims or Fundamental Christians) took a job that had one job description only to find out that the job description changed.

If you drive a cab you provide services to all people with the only possible exception of someone waving a gun. If you are a pharmacist you fill prescriptions, all of them.


There's something called "reasonable expectations of the job". One expectation in taxi service is that you'll be serving blind people with their guide dogs. If you can't stand such a thing, it's up to you to find another line of work, not for the line of work to conform to you.


People are getting just a little too weird. You don't see dogs getting any of those silly ideas - now wanting to ride in the taxi if you are a certain religion. Let's just get over it.


This is something I worry about every time I take a taxi. I'll note that certain companies seem to do a better job of serving people with guides as I observe things. I've not been denied service, but I d believe the quality of service I receive is deminished based on the fact that I have a guide.

But, unfortunately, the burden of proof usually rests on me. It's a big issue, and one I try to be a part of the solution with.


The post is quite interesting! These people are crazy. How can they refuse to carry service dogs just on the pretext that they are unclean!!
May be they have not taken a bath for a longgg time..


Thats silly. What makes them "unclean"? the fact that theyre dogs?
I clean my staffy often enough to let her sleep in my bed.
And because these are guide dogs theyre probably looked after alot more than the average dog.

thanks for the read =)


The world just seems to become ever more sensitive by the day.

Dirty Butter

This is ridiculous. It's part of their job description. Either do the job, or get another job. Seems so simple to me.

Someone asked if a Muslim waiter would serve wine? How about ham, sausage, pork chops, pork and beans, etc.??? If their beliefs are that strong, they wouldn't have applied for the job to begin with, seems to me.


dirty butter told me about your post and I'm glad she did! I've heard about this issue as a disability advocate and am glad to see that other people are concerned about it too. Things like this erode the Americans with Disabilities Act and prevent blind people and others who rely on guide dogs from getting around freely as they try to work and be productive members of society. Thanks for posting this.


I hope the taxi company enforces their policy and stays in keeping with federal law. It is appalling that individuals with disabilities be denied their legal rights because of such an issue.


arghhhghghghghgh.!..that's enough to piss off the pope...go back from whence you came assholes..


This is not the first time that Muslims taxi-drivers have made the headlines. I recall for a time it was a favorite topic everybodies favorite Islamophobe, Daniel Pipe's blog.

The bottom line in this case is: what is the nature of the taxi-driver's business. Is it a public service or private industry? That is where our starting point on this discussion begins, I think anything else is more or less hubris and emotionally charged banter. Coll was on the right track stating,

"I suppose the drivers that own their own taxi's would have more of a say in who they drive and who they do not drive."

Does anyone know the nature of this business of taxi driving in MN? In addition, does anyone know the nature of the business of those Muslims who complained, although there may be an industry of public service drivers, there may also be a privatized sector which these Muslims may be a part of (similar to gypsie-cabs in New York), if so this changes the nature of the question of rights.


As I understand the ADA private ownership is not an issue.

A: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), privately owned businesses that serve the public, such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, taxicabs, theaters, concert halls, and sports facilities, are prohibited from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. The ADA requires these businesses to allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals onto business premises in whatever areas customers are generally allowed


Kashmiri Nomad

Let me begin by thanking rosemary over at dirty butter about informing me regarding this post.

I wish to say that I believe all taxi drivers should follow the law. If the law prohibts them from discrimnating against passengers then they should not under any circumstances do that.


Violating the law is grounds for dismissal everywhere. If the airport board had the backbone to dismiss a few of these lawbreakers the rest would either change their practice or change their job.


Ah, that's sad. I can thinkof cleaner dogs than some of the people I meet, but that's mostly alcohol-related. Not carrying drunk passnegers is one thing, but dogs?? That's just sad.
Where did God ever say that dogs are less deserving? I'd give the dog the front seat, personally.

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