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that's a pretty big dog and a pretty little baby. it would be pretty easy for the dog to "flatten the baby" for real. I don't know if babies enjoy being flattened by dogs. I hope this doesn't create a dog hating adult.


I imagine the baby is probably used to it. I do have to say that the last picture probably would work quite well with the suggested caption.


Were any animals abused, endangered, or demeaned in the making of these pictures!!!


that kid does not look too happy...but my gut instinct says anyone tried to hurt that baby would get 'et by the dog...
when my daughter was about 18 months old we had a huge pit bull who we had rescued ..he had been in 100's of fights and was chewed from end to end...everyone was terrified of him but me and my kids..he was so sweet, gentle and smart...well, mojo would take advantage of his good nature and make life miserable for him..sat on him, stuck her fingers up his nose, pulled on tail, ears, chewed on him, stuck her hand in his mouth and would try and pull his tongue out..he would just lay there..finally one day, he head butted her off her feet, laid on her and proceeded to lick her until she was a soppy mess...she was screaming bloody murder..but he just kept licking her..her hair was drenched, her shirt was wet, her face was dripping...he got off her..walked off and she never messed with him again...smart dog..


Dogs that size are invariably gentle or they would never be allowed around people. Still, they could hurt without meaning to.


That is so precious! How can anyone not love a baby and a dog. NO CATS!


Ok it's a complete myth that cats are bad for babies. What an old wives tale - I cannot believe people still believe that! I mean yes, I wouldn't let a baby pull on the cats tail because that's just asking for a scratch but otherwise a cat will not suck the air out of a baby or any other ridiculous story.

Otherwise I think the pictures are adorable - though it doesn't look like the baby is unhappy to me and I bet he/she is very used to it.


These pictures are adorable. If I had any concerns for the baby's safety it would be about dog's mouth germs rather than potential aggressive behaviour! Good natured dogs are great with little children.


Ah!! Cute..

Yeah, babies tend to be tougher than we sometimes fear. I bounced on my head a few times, apparently, and look at me, I turned out ok.. ;-)
My only worry would be the baby getting squashed!! :-)

Dirty Butter

I can't imagine me ever letting a dog be so "loving" with my baby, but our daughter did. I'm sure the baby is used to this, or they would not have been ready to take the pictures.


As a large breed owner, I have to tell you that those pics really concern me. What that dog is learning is that "I'm higher in the ranks"... that is a disaster waiting to happen.


The pictures are adorable but I doubt I would take such a chance with my baby or my dog.

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They both looked so sweet! amazing! as if the dog demonstrates what he's doing..LOL

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hahaha! they look very cute on this! lovely dog!

Irene A Veal

I love the pictures of the large dog with the baby and I don't think the parents would subject their baby to the photo shoot if they had a hint of danger. Nice!!


The parents rarely get a hint of danger. It's usually all good until it goes suddenly, totally, completely bad. At which point, of course, it's too late and then you hear the inevitable sound bites and read the quotes "I didn't think my fluffy would ever do something like "(fill in the blank from the hundreds of examples you can Google).
Other than the possible loss of a child, great pictures.


It is so cute. I just read it in a blog as to the benefits the children get by rearing dogs.


It's a Neapolitan Mastiff, and as much as I love the breed, I would never risk this.

Even the sweetest dogs can make mistakes -- or suddenly show us a side of their nature we haven't seen before.

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It is rear that dogs gets good relation with babies. There are a lot of videos of them on youtube and it always good to see them.

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