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As a person who has not provided my mother with grandchildren and who plans to continue not providing my mother with grandchildren (at least the 2 legged kind) I can state with some certainty that the product won't work.

Besides, my mom is just fine with her hairy grandchildren. ;)


hhmmm perhaps I should try this. It would outrage my mom to an nth degree and would be worth every penny :D


Ah HAHAHA...you know it's coming Jan...and so is insurance for dogs!


oh man...i don't think so...my granddaughters would skin the furry thing...


I am lucky enough to have two of the best grandkids as well as three of the best kids.. but my furkids might like the shirts anyway. :-)


Hi! Thanks for your comments on my BV Carnival entry. I seem to have more grandkids AND dogs all the time. Cute sweater, though!

Carol (Yorkie Lover) Goering

Your article was very cute to read. I needed something to brighten my day. As a dog breeder with 6 Yorkie housemates my life has it's share of training problems. But I wouldn't trade my pack of Yorkies and litters of puppies for a more carefree life. I can't imagine life without them.

Debs Orthopedic Dog Beds

That is an interesting concept. I don't know if that would work with me.


Love these sweaters! I have grandkids but sometimes I think my dogs pay better attention to me than my real live grandkids! LOL

June - small dog clothing

I use to only have big dogs such as Shepards, Retrievers & Labs and would never dream of putting clothes on them as a regular thing to do. Now, with all of these teeny tiny new breeds of small dogs, I have changed my mind. They are so adorable when they are dressed in clothes, and I have discovered, that some breeds actually need to wear clothes for protection. Anyway, great post and funny sweaters! I'll be back again to read more!

Irene A Veal

Okay, I've seen it all now, but you know, I am thinking about sending a couple of these shirts to my best friend who is grandchilrenless as a big hint to her 2 daughters. It may work!.. :)

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