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That's a good "awwwww" story. I hope the BC in your previous post has similar luck.


Lovely story. If Cujo had been just a mutt the story would not have ended so well for everyone.


Websites are homeless dogs best friends. I found both of my dogs there. You get the story of the dogs life and can see how it fits with the dog you are looking for,

Dirty Butter

This would make totally unbelievable fiction, but truth is always stranger. Fantastic story. We've had something similar happen to a boxer in a nearby town, who was lost for over an year, and then found hundreds of miles away, thanks to a web site.


What a wonderful story! Having lost two dogs at once due to a kid leaving a gate open, I know how heart wrenching it can be. I'm so happy for Cujo and his family that they've been reunited.


I dont believe in coincidence, i think everything happsns for a purpose. Cujo probably brought comfort to the elderly lady and then it was time to return to his family.


I so love stories like this.


AAWWW!!! What a great story. OK, my eyes are leaking now.. :-)

Miss Trashahassee

Had I read about Cujo in an e-mail, I would have been checking it out on Snopes. What an absolutely beautiful story!!!!


That story gave me goose bumps. What a great ending!


ok, that made me cry...what a great story...thanks...(ps..don't tell anyone i cried...I have a rep to uphold..)


how touching and lucky!!! my sis ran away on the 14th of dec....hope she can find her way back soon, just like cujo...


Hi Jan

Cujo looks just like my beloved Sam. Thanks for the story, made me feel good.



How wonderful for the family!

"Kayla Barczewski was only 4 years old when the dog disappeared, but she insisted on hanging his Christmas stocking every year.."

Children experience such a special bond with their pets. What a beautiful story. I love happy endings!

Debbies Dog Clothes

That is an amazing story. I would be broken up if I lost my dogs.

Rickson Richie

it was really a heart felt story...i love it..im really having a nice time with my dog..i felt sad when i think that something wrong to her..and when away with her im always thinking with her of what she's doing or she already eat or walk outside..i really love my dog..

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it was really a center sensed tale...i really like it..im really having a awesome time with my dog..i sensed sad when i think that something incorrect to her..and when away with her im always considering with her of what she is doing or she already eat or move outside..i really really like my dog..

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