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The first time I saw them I thought it was a great idea. Not only will it help out small dogs, but it can help old dogs and cats as well.


I once had a dear little Lhasa Apso who, at 14, had a bad back and arthritis. These steps would have been perfect. Tiki, is sadly gone now.. but my house is still home to small dogs. I think I will check out the link. Thank you.


It's a great idea for small dogs, especially those with bad knees. Right now, we're trying to train our chihuahua to use a low bench at the foot of our bed, instead of making the big jump in one! Maybe we'll invest in these little steps as well.


I think it's a great idea and when my baby is old enough to need one I'm more than willing to get it for her.


This is what we need for Sammy and Daisy when they get older. But Sammy has bad nerves and he might need it sooner!

bryan cochran

These are great for small dogs and large dogs. My lab had some hip problems and these pet stairs were great from him. I started carrying them at my store as well.

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