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I swear my dog and cat wrote these!!!


HAHAHAHAHA :) That was a very very interesting read!


How true that is! I currently have a couple of dogs, but have also owned cats and I think you've definitely nailed all of their thought processes!!


This is too funny. Thank you for this morning smile. :-)


Love these...and my cat probaly sent Dan a message while I was sleeping...she was sleeping on the keyboard this morning.


That was definitely written by my dog. The looks that the eldest cat sometimes gives me probably means she wrote the second one.


annie loves the new apt...she can reach places she couldn't before..i heard a noise coming from my bedroom and she was on top of my dresser..sitting...calmly knocking everything on the top of the dresser onto the floor..methodically...peacefully...and looked me right in the eye the whole time she was doing it..daring me to do something..i bipped her..

Monica Nickoles

Xaxa:) cats are not so evil and uninteresting as you describe them. They actually could be very loving creatures no matter of the breed. It depends how you treat them (like people):)


That is the funniest thing I have ever read.


Hallo everybody! I want say, that for you good site, successes to you


Well at first I thought I was just thinking my cat was trying to take me out!!!lol Now I know she is....

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