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Are you kidding me? This is too much. Well at least we know she picks up after her dog!


It's crass and tasteless but it gets the point across. I say lets call it free speech.

Cynthia Blue

Hehe, I say call it free speech too. But wow, the things that'll go to court. :p


Sorry, but I can't help but laugh! Sometimes a person just gets pushed too far.


Sheesh...even the politicians are sue-happy. It just doesn't get any more ridiculous than this.

Dirty Butter

I don't think the court will see it as an act of Free Speech. My reasoning is that it leaves the law open for lots of other things to be sent through the mail that might not be nearly as "innocent". Dead chickens, anyone??

I say it should not be allowed, because of sanitation and disease prevention issues. I sure wouldn't want to be the mail carrier who handled that package, would you?


Hrrmmm... good point... I like my mail carrier and wouldn't do that to him.

You aren't supposed to mail anything "hazardous"... I do wonder if dog poop would be considered hazardous to people who don't have to pick it up on a regular basis?


What a load of crap. :-)


oh man...i wish i had thought of that...oh what a great idea....even if you get some jail time out of it...it would be worth it..

Teri Salvador

well at least she got the point across.

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