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Legislators just love to pass laws that they think make them look compassionate. They don't care what the outcome is.


It does seem like a waste of time and effort, this particular law. Personally I believe that many dog owners are simply poorly educated when it comes to the needs and ways of their new little puppy. By the time the pup becomes a dog.. it is too late and too sad. The poor dog is unmanageable because of lack of training and therefore banished to the backyard.


How would YOU like to be tied up outside all the time?


Sad to say, you're probably right; both about the rationale behind the law and the impossibility of enforcement. Isn't it a shame the common sense is so rare?


I agree, I always feel bad for the dogs that are bought and tied up all the time. And though I don't like it, if that dog is provided shelter food and water there's really not much difference between that and being put in a kennel all day.

This law is just about PR, it's all about perception and how it'll look to the general public. I fear you're right, it's going to be worse for the dogs than anyone else.

How sad.


hmmm.. wonder if that works for kids too...?


No matter what they involve, why make a law that you can't enforce? It's just political grandstanding.


Yeah this sounds like it really could go either way. And like you say, oh so difficult to enforce. I'm uncomfortable with any law that gives people the power to 'dob you in' even though you may be innocent. (I've had some bad neighbour experiences).


With some dogs, tethering is their only means of getting fresh air. Some dogs (by court order) can only go outside if tethered and muzzled because they have bitten someone.

I can see the reasoning behind this law, however, it is unrealistic. Some people are not responsible enough to train a dog properly so they can be in the house. Some people don't want the dog in the house at all (those people should not have dogs, in my opinion). These people will find a way to get around the law.

Dog Training

Instead of passing this tethering law which is obviously un enforceable, why not pass a law requiring all dog owners to pass a test to determine whether they can take on board the resposibility of owning a dog or whether the dog is going to end up stuck on the end of a chain for the majority of its life. Too many dogs are purchased on a "whim" because the puppy looked cute or because owning a certain breed is all the rage. All potential dog owners should be aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog. This includes basic dog care, dog training and a general knowledge of the chosen breed. Anyone who is interested in everything to do with our beloved canine friends may download our free e book which can be found at:
Not only does the book give a real insight into the reasons a dog behaves the way it does but is also well written and is a most enjoyable read.
Regards, Marion.


Let's talk about the REAL issue. SAFETY! It is dangerous for a dog to be tethered and left alone. They can wrap themselves around what ever they are tethered too and become scared and end up injured, they can hang themselves and the worst is embedded chains in dogs necks who are tethered their entire lives.

For example last night I kept hearing this whimper. It began to sound distressed. I looked into my neighbors yard and saw a short haired puppy (just been neutered) tied to a post on the patio. He had wrapped himself around the post was stuck. It was 58 degrees outside, he had no bed and he was short haired. The steps below the post posed a threat of hanging had he wrapped around one more time and walked off the step.

I went to the neighbors house and demanded they bring him inside. I do not tolerate animal cruelty. If I had to turn a video camera on and leave it for 3 hours to help this dog I would!

This laws helps save lives by preventing death, or perhaps the worst of all, embedded chains in their necks because they are tied up everyday of their lives as pull against the chain and it cuts into their neck and then the skin heals over.

How can any of you condemn a law that saves lives and helps prevent animal cruelty?

krystal lafrenierre

I would like to know how do I report a dog that it tied and needs medical help. visalia ca

Jade Brown

Being a person who is actively interested in dog training, I like to see this kind of quality information available on the web.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


I have two cats that stays outside and their food and water is in the back yards they been their for 3yrs. Now my son is going to move in and he has a large dog. So should I let him put in the back yard and kill my two cats, or in the front yard where he says his dog can jump over the fence. So if put the dog in the front yard and it gets over the fence and bites someone why should I be held responsible because we can't tie it up and have the water and food and a long rope to let it run around. I don't want my cats killed I have had them 3yrs. and they are never out of food or water even if I'm gone two weeks. A large food holder and a two large water for them. I have their food on a 3/4 inch plywood on saw horses because I did have a small smart dog that got along with my cats. I got the dog from people from across the street from me and it was a dog that stayed inside the house but I had food for that dog all of the time, and the water where the cats water was, that dog never tried to come into the house, and when let it out it go and see it's old owners get a pet from each one and run back to us. But I think it is a bad law for everyone, but for some that would mistreat them. Just my two cents worth.


That's really interesting, I didn't know that! What about a wireless fence? Then your dog is able to roam your yard for as long as he wants without being tied up. This one looks like it would be a good one: http://www.havahartwireless.com/shop/wireless-dog-fence/custom-shape-pet-fence


thank god there is a law in CA!
chaining an animal is plain cruelty.

how about UT?

im asking because our neigbhor here has been doing this forever. after his last dog died (at a very young age of course - poor thing!), he now got a labrador. the poor thing is still very young but already showing chain dog behaviours: agressive & barking. a labrador! the best family dogs ever. what kind of a person does this?

anyway, is there a law prohibiting chaining a dog in UT?

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