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Janey Loree

I think I see the joy in his eyes!


Ah, a happy ending.
That's so ****ing stupid. I think there is a job somewhere where all they do is think up stupid ways to annoy ordinary people just trying to live a happy regular life. In England those people mostly work for the traffic department, putting in cameras and traffic lights in odd places. ;-)

Franklin is gorgeous..


I'm so happy for him! I think I see the happiness somewhere in the corner of his left eye.


i love a laid back dog like that. And i love that he was able to buck the system


If people only concentrate their efforts into world peace the way they do in things like kicking a dog out of the barber shop maybe we wouldn't be so screwed up. Glad to hear that Franklin is back where he belogs.


if franklin's eye's weren't open I would think he was dead...
good for them...stupid people make my ass hurt

Karen Shanley

Yay Franklin!


Such a happy story. I simply adore Bassets.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Wow!nice picture of Franklin,it seems he has a new hair cut.he looks so fresh,thanks for the government bureaucracy for the makeover.Now Franklin looks so happy in his post!

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