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Two Sirius

So true.

I don't think our Beagle would rise to such heights of heroism unless there was food involved, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if our Border Collie did. I hope she never needs to prove me right.


I am my dogs food source so I know she would protect me. It only takes one time for something like this to happen but we only have one life.


These are touching stories. I know stories like these often take place but they're not publicized. I could relate a similar story, as could many others. One question that I've got to ask is, why didn't the Fertig couple just go around to the back door?


Good question. I simplifed the story somewhat. Several trees had fallen to block their way to the house according to a follow up story on Fox News. Change has been made.


Dogs do perform these things...I once posted an event where my dog probably saved me from a snake bite...can't prove it, but no one will ever make be think differently.

I love dogs...cats...you can hav'em!


I love stories like these, because they show the true nature of dogs. I once slipped and fell in deep snow while moving stock with my Border collie, Mike. He is a very intense dog, very hard to ever get him to stop working once he has a bunch of cows moving. However, I was a little stunned by the fall and when I got my head straightened around, he had left the heifers and was lying against my side, keeping me warm. I was astonished!


when my daughter was a baby we had rescued this pit bull..he was a 'fighting pit bull'..and had scars all over his body...ears were chewed down and tail was chewed down..he looked like a lion with the main shaved off..scarry looking dog...he was in the house sleeping on the couch and my husband jack was asleep on the other couch..i sat the baby in her car seat on the couch and went to get a diaper..when jack moved it titled the car seat and she was sliding to the floor..'strider'(dog) ran over and caught her by pinning her body to the couch with his huge head...jack slept on...when i walked in (gone 45 seconds tops) it looked like he had her in his mouth...i almost passed out...very slowly walked over and pulled her away..she was waving her arms and laughing and the dog gave me such a look..'
like..you stupid bitch..leaving that kid alone even for a minute could be dangerous..he saved her a nasty nasty fall..jack never woke up..had to wake him up myself..dogs are soo smart..


Years ago my father fell and badly broke his ankle (multiple pins, a plate, and metal wire were needed to repair the break). My father's dog (a mean basset hound) had knocked him down as he opened the back door to let the dogs out after a long night in the house. My dog (a sweet Shar Pei) stayed beside my dad even though it was morning and the door was wide open. When the paramedics came, Wuzzy moved out of their way but stayed near my dad until they took him out of the house.

No, he didn't save my father's life, but he did stay with him to make sure he was all right. Considering that he hadn't been outside since the night before and had to have a very full bladder, I found the dog's devotion impressive.


There's tons of touching stories like this, dogs are amazing animals. And people wonder why they become the same as family members. It makes total sense to me.

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