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Dirty Butter

There's really not a reason in the world why a drug sniffing dog should have to be a certain size, but we associate police dogs with German Shepherds and such, so Midge seems amazing. Why, she IS amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by Yesterday's Memories, Jan.


She won't be as scary as the huge dogs either. But I'll bet she can get the job done just as well.


I think her size would work to her advantage. I wonder if they train any small dogs for search and rescue. It seems to me that a small dog would have a better chance of fitting into tight spots in a collapsed building than a larger dog.


Awww! There is nothing nicer to see than a well trained little bitty dog, especially one in a tiny adorable little K9 vest. :)
I saw a T-shirt once (large guy walking an Italian Greyhound): "It takes a BIG man to walk a little dog."


Impressive accomplishments for such a cute little dog. (I had to call everybody to come out and see her!)


Well done for such a cute little critter!!


What a little darling. The thing with little dogs is, they have no idea that they are small. :-)


Again - too cute to take....

Cody Cagle

Ahhh soo cuteywootey!

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