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This should keep finicky people from getting a dog. :)


I wish my dog would obey SOME of these.


Oooh, those are awesome.. I should come up with a list for cats, but I suppose commandments for cats is a bit of an oxymoron, isn't it? lol I'd just get one of 'those' looks.


My dog needs to start following these. I also think they missed one.

18) I will not stare at people with sad eyes while they are eating.


I will not steal 1 1/2 lbs of Mackinaw Island fudge from the dining room table and eat it all, including the wrapping. (Cooper.)
I will not get anxious and eat the loveseat. (Daphne.)

Haha! Why is it, again, that we share our homes with these creatures? Oh yeah. They're really cool. :)

Two Sirius

19) Until I get a job and can buy my own sofa, I do not take precedence over the humans who want to sit on it.


Those are great - and oh so true!!! Poor dogs, we do expect so much from them...and they give us so much love... and antics... you can't help but love them!


I read this to my dogs. They suggested paring them down to 5 commandments, claiming their brain power is not as large as humans, hence they should have fewer rules to follow. Then they insisted we vote. It was 2 to 1, with the cat abstaining from vote. Sheesh.

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