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Those are so cute. They look good for winter weather, too.


what a great idea...and cutsey too..


I could use these when my daughter practices violin. :)


How about ear muffs for me for when my dog starts to yap in her sleep?

I could see the use for these in cold weather, but not for noise. It seems more effective to just bring the dog in the house and away from the noise.


They are very cute...buuut I notice they don't even use real dogs to pimp their product.

I bet they're impossible to keep on real dogs lol


The airline I used to fly for would put caged dogs in the belly cargo compartment...LOUD!

Mary Jo

I might have to check these out! My dogs "live" at a "rock concert" once a week. My husband is a drummer in a local rock band, and practice is at our house. My other 3 dogs are not bothered by it at all, but it is totally freaking out the newest member, a 5 mo. old Beagle/Pug mix. He's getting better, but this might help. If I can actually get him to wear them!

Regina Young

I have a puppy that was givin to me. I took him in and took him to the animal doctor to get him checked out and get his shots. They believe he is part poodle and part mutt.I really would like to know what kind of puppy he is. I would gladly send a picture if you can help me. The animal doctor says he probably is about almost 6 months old now. I have been looking at the internet and found, he does have some poodle trates, but I can't figure out what other trates he has. Please help me in finding out what kind of puppy he is. thank you!!

Regina Y.

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