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I know I've written that I don't need 2 legged kids since I have the 4 legged kind, but if I did have both I would leave the 4 legged kind in the car. Not the other way around.

Of course, if it was hot outside, I wouldn't leave either in the car.


She sounds like the kind of person who thinks of the whole world as her staff of servants.


Stupid woman. Oh, that makes me mad. Robert counsels sex offenders for a living. There are a lot of weird people out there ready and waiting, for people like her...
A worse one recently was a woman police officer (!!) who left her 2 very young kids duct taped to a chair all day when she couldn't get child care. OOOOh.. Mad mad mad.


What a complete idiot! I wonder if her child was dressed as well as her dog?


I'm not really into human kids that much, but that was just wrong to do that. Bring the dog AND the kid shopping. Any woman with half a brain knows better than to leave a kid in the car and ask the valet to babysit. Good grief!


What is it with stupid ass parents this year?

Did you hear about the couple who allegedly slept while their 7 week old pit bull puppy chewed off their baby's toes?!

First off if, and this is a big if in my mind, the puppy really did do this then there was certainly drugs involved. But personally it's my own opinion that something happened and the puppy is just a convenient scape goat.

Miss Trailer Trash

Pathetic beyond pathetic.


oh dear...you've got to really wonder about people sometimes...


For the love of God! Why do they let just anyone become a mother?


She's the "Leona Helmsly" of the West.... "Taxes and child care are for the common people!"


Doesn't it kill you that this person is breeding?! I think dog and baby should be removed.

Sorry to keep commenting on the pit bull comments but...I'm with you Faith. Off the top, is the baby not supposed to have been screaming its head off as its toes were bitten off? And the parents SLEPT through that? C'mon....And, pits are great with children - they used to be called nanny dogs.
I hope no one buys that bogus story.


oh man..do i want to bitch slap that one..

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