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sure wish i had had a midlife crisis.


I was adopted by a great dane..found him in front of the library..he got in my truck and wouldnt get out...i named him baby..he stood over my head when he was on hind legs..the sweetest natured dog i have ever had...i loved that dog..but he is what is called a runner..just would stay with some one long enough to have them fall in love with him and then he would take off when he got bored...he was so smart..if i ever get a house again with a yard..im getting another great dane..they are the best..next to pittibulls...


If I ever have a mid-life crisis, I wish I have the money to spend it on a car to run the dog.

Frank Conklin

Ok, that just sounds like total fun to me.

Frank Conklin

Ok, that just sounds like total fun to me.

Sam J

A car than size and a dog that size, you could work it so you wouldnt need petrol for your car.


Actually, I have done this in empty parks in winter. Only not in a Porsche....

Dentist Orange

It can be both. hahaha

Zoe Young

This couple is an ideal example of a responsible pet owner. They certainly know that big dogs need as much exercise as small ones. They are however very stylish at the same time!


I'm betting on the latter.."bought the Great Dane as an excuse to buy the Porsche." Regardless, both the pet and the pet owner win.


Great breed, except for their short lifespan.

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