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Tony Walters

I got a rescue dog three years ago and I'm looking for another. Theyre the best dogs once they understand what is expected of them and will do anything for you.


I'm telling you..animals inspire me to be a better human being every day..their stunning ability to bounce back and forgive..to love..to want only to be loved..well I just adore them so very, very much. And thank the powers that be they are in my world.

Holley's story is heartbreaking and heart warming all at the same time. I'll never understand how people can be anything but kind to them. In truth I'm not sure what I would do to a person I aaw abusing an animal..I'm boiling just reading about it.


My agility instructors have a similar dog. A BC they got off a farm. The farmer was going to shoot her because she was "dumb" - she'd been hit a lot and was terrified of everything. I guess after they got her home, it was months before she would take food out of someone's hand, even.
They are amazing people and well known in the agility world (Gary & Sherry Wargo). This dog now has agility championships in several venues in both Canada & the USA, and is just a delight.
And she was beaten and going to be shot for being "stupid."


Brava! What a special girl.

Daisy and Lady

Janey Loree

Jan, this one tears at my heart. She looks a lot like our rescue dog Katy.


This animals are just great.

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This story brought tears to my eyes. Tears of anger at the persons responsible for Holley's pain and tears of joy at her wonderful new life.


Too sad a beginning to even think about but what a sweet, sweet pup. I love people who take in rescues. (Referring to the post on guys and their dogs - a guy who takes in a rescue or two - regardless of breed - automatically becomes mighty good looking and charming to me and my friends...!)


id like to find the one that did that to the dog and tap dance on their forehead...bastids..

graham missoon

HOLLEY i'm so prould of her i would like to thank every one for their support she is such a loverly dog my best friend

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