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I could never understand why some people would fall for convicted prisoners, and go as far as helping them escaping justice. But I am glad the dog training program isn't affected by these people's actions. I have watched shows about programs like this on TV and I could see how such programs could be therapeutic (to people and dogs) and behavior-transforming.


Sometimes our reactions to things are so telling. My feeling is she couldn't have been a REAL "dog lady" to do that. Just one reason - she'd be too into helping all the dogs to risk jeopardizing it...

I'm so glad the program will continue.


Ooh, that's cool. I'm glad it isn't being stopped.


I have to applaud the warden's ability to look beyond Young's behavior. It would have been just as likely that he would have canceled the program over this event.

John Sawyer

What is it with women and prisoners, esp murderers?


This is an amazing program that I think many many prisons would benefit from, I'm glad the warden decided not to do away with the program. Though I'd imagine they'll be a bit stricter on security checks from now on.

Dirty Butter

Good for the long sighted Warden!!!

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