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Great advice! I hope people pay attention.

Jean Gallagher

I hope they pay attention too. I made the mistake of getting a Christmas kitten several years ago and we never had so many family fights and finally my sister took the kitten.


That is such a good reminder. Pets are not toys, and are not christmas presents.


I have to disagree. Pets make a wonderful way to teach children responsability and a puppy for christmas can be magical.

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool

Let's hope people get the word this year.


That makes me equal parts sad and mad, it infuriates me to know people buy these animals (puppies and kittens at Christmas, chicks and bunnies on Easter, so on and so forth) then either abandon them (the lucky ones go to shelters and the unlucky ones get dumped on the side of the road) or neglect them to the point that they either get permanently injured (emotionally or physically) or even die as you mention above.

I actually think responsible pet shops/animal breeders should do a much better job of screening potential buyers during the holiday seasons.


In the rabbit rescue world I deal with this same issue at Easter time as well as Christmas. I keep hoping that someday people will stop treating pets like objects and realize that they are living, breathing creatures that need caring, attentive families. The worst thing you can do for an animal is give it to a child as a gift. You set the child up for failure and cause the animal to be neglected or worse, abused. Thanks for posting this reminder. I hope folks take heed.


Such important advice at this time of year. If people do make the decision to give a pet or adopt one themselves it's also good to remember that the local pound has lots of little critters just waiting for adoption.

Janey Loree

I hear what you are saying here, Jan! Unfortunately, a lot of Christmas puppies are thrown out with the wrapping paper. Our Christmas puppy, Luke will be celebrating his 3rd Christmas this year.


Wow. We got Daisy when she was three months old in December three years ago, but she was okay because my mom didn't give it to me for Christmas Day, but before. That spares her the excitement. Now I'm very grateful that we got her that way.

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