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Let's hope the breeders of this marvelous dog can keep the line pure and not have it ruined by greedy stupid people who would ruin it as a working dog.


Very intersting indeed!


Great story - and what a wonderful dog. I hope the penguins continue to prosper.

Janey Loree

I wonder if the owner of Oddball has started training the puppy for the City Council?

Janey Loree

By the way...love the Santa hat!


Wonderful story. Good for the penguins and good for the dog. :-)


Great story being into nature as I am and also an environmentalist at heart, I find this story very fascinating.

Very informative blog you have here, keep posting these great posts.


Okay...I'm going on record. I'll probably be hated for saying it, but I'm not an environmentalist, though I do applaud efforts such as saving these penguins.

Regarding Maremmas, "Although they are intelligent, courageous, and loyal, they are not recommended as family pets. They have a distrust of strangers and need to be working to keep them happy." I think the same could be said for many breeds, including Pit Bulls.


P.S. And I do love the Santa hat!

Dirty Butter

That was a very interesting post, and I enjoyed the link to more information about the breed, too.


What a great story. I'm so happy about the penguin's (temporary) friend. I do think he deserves a better name than Oddball, though. The pics on the link were TOO cute, too.

Ah, Denny - pit bulls who haven't been abused have no natural distrust of strangers and make lousy guard dogs because they are friendly to all strangers and will happily point out where the jewelry is kept. (There was a nice story here about a pit bull who had been stolen and was found 5 months later because it was chipped and the news woman who was sitting with the friendly pit almost in her lap recommended a guard dog for it.)


What a great idea! I hope they are now training the puppy for full time use.

I happen to like the name Oddball, btw. It's unique and fun.


that is such a cool story. good for Oddball. It's nice to see dogs guarding animals instead of hunting them, as is so common.


... loved the link. That's a very interesting dog and I'm glad that they don't recommend it as a family pet. It would be good if the dog could be used in the job that it is bred to perform.

Have to say that I like the name Oddball too. It's cute.


how cool is that..dogs are so special...and not football wearing special either like one of my husbands

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