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How well said! I was so lucky with my first child (I mean dog)because she was so good when the first (human) baby came along. I had my first dachsund, Peanut, for five years before my daughter was born. Peanut was content to sleep under the baby's crib and come get me when the baby needed something. Peanut was unusally patient, nerver barking, biting or snarling when the kids pulled or picked at her.


We've had people bring dogs in because they thought the dogs were dirty, interesting that children who grow up in rural settings around animals have been shown to be healthier than city kids raised in sterile homes.


I always find this very sad, it seems that people are extremely fickle. Many, many dogs are child friendly. I mean what happened to 20 years ago when a child was bought a puppy because children and puppies get along so well?

I just get so mad when people abandon their dogs for no reason. When you get a pet you're making a commitment to it. People really need to learn how to follow through on their commitments.


Even though my dog can be very hyper I wouldn't worry about her being around a baby. She's shown herself to be gentle and patient with small children. It doesn't mean I'd leave them alone together, but I wouldn't worry about being right next to them in the same room.


Your first paragraph sent chills through my spine. I'd never have thought someone would give up a dog because they were having a baby. You'd think they'd have the foresight to either pick the right dog to begin with or to not pick one at all. People can be so disappointing.


wait till the baby grows up...they will wish they had kept the dog..


Well said! Our dog develped a healthy respect for our daughter when she learned to toss a ball. We have so many pictures of her napping with him--a black lab from Ireland named Cuchulainn. He gave her a tremendous gift just by being there.


I'm sure we did not transition our dog well when our baby arrived. I have pictures of our Maltese's disgusted little fur-faced expressions from the first days. If I had it to do again, I would read one of your recommended books first.


How inconsiderate and irresponsible are people for doing that? Makes me wonder: Are they gonna leave their first child back at the hospital after the 2nd one comes along? I mean, kids don't always get along either.

Have you read Marley & Me by John Grogan? I loved how they intro'd Marley to their first baby :)


This is a terrific post. (came here via your comment on my crazy Adventures in Cyberia blog. I've left the link to my "normal" one.)

As someone who works with greyhound rescue groups, I've seen more than my share of returned pups as a result of a couple having a baby. Very sad. But you are also correct about how careful people need to be about the dog and baby.

Which brings me to a HUGE pet peeve that I might need to blog about: People bringing TODDLERS to the dog park. Are these people nuts?? I actually said to one woman: "Dogs are pack animals, and right now your kid is the runt of the litter."

Of course, if someone's dog attacked the kid they would be smacked with a lawsuit and the dog would be put down. Grrr.

Janey Loree

I am sure this is one of the reasons that dogs are dropped off in our "drop zone". It is really awful that at the drop of a hat these wonderful companions are pushed away or dumped!


Nothing makes me sadder.

yes, I agree with Tina, kids brought up around animals are far healthier than 'sterile' kids, and probably psychologically healthier too!! How else do you build an immune system?


I agree some people get an animal and then when a baby comes they get rid of the pet. Dogs mainly are very protective and loving towards babies. Some people need to think of what size, and breed of an animal before they get one, and also consider that maybe down the road a baby might be included.


That's sad, because if it weren't for Midnight, the Springer Spaniel and Border Collie mix (never in my life have I met a dog as smart or devious as her! Though my sister's Border Collie comes close) that I had growing up. I wouldn't have even learned to walk without Midnight!

My mom said that she turned around for a second one day, and when she turned back again, there I was, clutching the dog's whiskers to pull myself into a standing position! Sure enough, before my mom could stop me, I pulled myself up on my feet to start toddling around, using Midnight's whiskers. My mom said Midnight held veeery still and was very patient while I did this. She's still amazed to this day, that the dog let me do this.

Sterling Peake

Thank you so much for this post. It is a difficult thing to integrate a baby into a dog house hold but it's entirely possible and there's no reason to rehome a dog because you're expecting.

Lauren Harrington

I wish everyone felt about dogs like we do. My dogs are my children and a human child would just add to the joy. I don't know how anyone could have a dog, love it and then give it away? How is that possible?

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