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Why would you name a dog Ratty?


I think ratty is a cute name, but seems to me he must having an issue with not finding his way home...


It always amazes me that the same dog can be incredibly smart and resourceful and incredibly stupid at the same time.


I love stories where animals know how to get places. Like when they are in Texas and somehow find their way back home to New Jersey. Amazing!


Too bad the Black Bull Pub couldn't make an exception for its best customer.



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That's adorable; but I feel for the owner. The first time Ratty went missing he probably worried himself sick.

Cynthia Blue

He he that is completely cute. Dogs are quite smart! I think Ratty is a cute name.


Aww how could they stop serving him sausages..bummer. And I agree there must be some reason he 'can't' or perhaps 'doesn't want to' find his way home. I once had an Irish Setter & bestest friend, Isis, who God love him, was a vagabond traveller. No matter what I did this dog would hightail (hehe) it back to an old apartment I used to live in and sit on the porch. The new tenants would call and say 'Isis is here again.' I'd go and pick him up and then he'd try and do it the next day all over again. He finally stopped after the summer and decided to make the new place home.

I miss him so much.


hmm, the guy could put a note on the collar asking someone to put ratty on the right bus..after 3-4 times he will figure it out.or the guy could just buy the sausages the barmaid gave him and then he wouldn't have to run off to the pub to get them...


Ratty, sounds more like a name for a mouse. Smart dog, he surely is a creature of habit and when he broke the routine by going to the pub across the street he broke his continuity and therefore couldn't retrace his steps. But he'll learn.


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