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Cynthia Blue

He he I love that. :)


I can relate, at first i start with firm rules and then the dogs sort of slither in places where they are not supposed to be and are like, oh, you meant me? and gee I forgot. Good post


Oh, yeah... We just skipped straight to #6 on this one... And since she's a Husky, she has no use for covers anyway... ;-)


Ohmigod, that is totally me! I said when I got my puppy, under no circumstances will the dog sleep on the bed. Well, it ain't that way anymore.

Janey Loree

I laughed till I cried on this one!


Lol..aint that the truth..such is love.


You mean not every dog sleeps under the covers?


It's no different for cats. Except that we go straight to the last one. And that includes diagonal and perpendicular sleeping habits. ;-)

I was treated to a wonderful thing last night, though. My girl reached out her paw, put in in my hand, and proceded to squeeze my fingers every time she did the happy-cat kneading thing, it was SO sweet, I'd forgive her anything, even sleeping diagonally, so the humans end up squished in one corner.


Boy can I relate to that one.


We skipped straight to #10 minus being under the covers. She doesn't like to be under the covers because her fur is too thick.

I also like the saying "this is my dog's house, if you don't like the fact that she's in it please see your way outside."

It just drives me crazy when people come over and immediately order my dog outside. This is MY house! lol


Yeah, the whole thing about how we're not supposed to let our guides on the bed went out the window some time ago. However, Julio has to learn that I will not always tolerate being forced to sleep in the fetal position on my pillow. Thanks for the laugh!

Ayatollah Mugsy

I applaud your forward thinking.


I have never had a dog that didn't sleep with me..even my great dane...and he was huge...Nate liked to sleep right across my legs so if i moved..he knew it..
Annie the kitty loves to snuggle..she is the first cat I have ever owned that likes to snuggle like a dog..but she can sniff out water leaks too...she's strange..


Cute...rules are ment to be broken at times for your pets, because they tend to become part of the family.


Thank goodness only one of my three takes advantage of all these rules or I'd be sleeping on the dogs' beds!


I'm currently dogless but can totally relate to this post although we never let our Springer Spaniel under the covers. Only in her final months did we get her to sleep on the floor on an old comforter near us.

You have a great blog and I enjoyed my visit.

Irene A Veal

WOW!! This is one rule that I thought I would stick with, "No dogs sleeping in the bed with us", well, needless to say that didn't last very long. Guess who's sleeping in the bed?

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