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Too stupid, which is why it will probably catch on.


It's madnes I tell ya, madnes. Why don't we just let criminals do as they please and avoid any kind of law suit.


Why do people choose the most illogical ways to solve problems?


I don't know....... I agree that the dog needs its teeth to protect itself and to catch the bad guys. BUT a dog coming at me looking like Hannibel Lector would TOTALLY make me stop running... or run faster!


I don't like muzzles - never have. I suppose they are necessary in some circumstances, but they just look cruel to me. And instead of having the dog head but the criminal, how about just mouthing them, or grabbing their clothing? And what's wrong with biting a criminal anyway? After all, they're a criminal, for pete's sake.
Oh well... not for me to decide...


Ahhh... I'm so tired of all the PC crud. They don't even use the dogs unless you're being caught in the act of doing something wrong.

It's not like the police suspect you of doing something, knock on your home door and then sic a dog on you so really, it's not the dog's fault that he's doing his job, it's court systems and judges that entertain claims from felons who have been bitten.

Most police dogs go for intimidation and don't bite unless the suspect is running and really, if a person can sue the police force for the dog biting, can't they sue for the head butt too? They seem petty enough to do it if this is what's happening anyway.


that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of..glad they weren't from our country..

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