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Janey Loree

I guess a Carhardt jacket for a Chihuahua wouldn't be considered high end merchandise?!!!


Holy moly. I believe it, though it seems almost unethically decandent.
A store in an upscale town nearby (yes, we have upscale towns in Michigan haha) that sells costumes, clothing and accessories for dogs just opened. I haven't visited yet. It's called Barking Babes.
Bet they don't have $250,000 collars though I could be wrong! I'll check it out and maybe blog it. :p


A wedding dress? For a dog?

I'm sorry. When I think of the things that a person could do to help out their fellow human beings with that kind of money I get real annoyed.

Sandy Riordan

I can't even afford that kind of stuff for me!


every time I read something like this I want to bip someone...next time I see some rich schmuck with a decked out dog I am going to go jackiesue on them and tap dance on their forehead and line dance on their rib cage...think of what that money could do at a homeless shelter, or a habitat housing project...arf.. bark...!!

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