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Bwahahahaha!! I have a friend with two Dobes, this sound exactly like something her Rachael would do! I am forwarding it.
Love the gumball machine too. What a neat idea.


great story, makes my dogs look like geniuses.


I didn't think anything could make my dog look smart but this does. Only my sister turns on the stove and forgets about it in my house.


maybe they were cold..or they might be closet pyromaniacs..

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool

We had some 'citement couple months ago when some pomeranians came home after a nite of carousin' and drinkin' and tried to cook some fried taters, they fergotted 'bout them spuds a'fryin on the stove and 'bout pert near burnt down the whole trailer park


Victoria and my children would get on famously!


Damn, dogs can be way too smart for their own good! I knew I loved Dobies for a reason :)


Very interresting, animals do strange things sometimes, and maybe the next stove you get try to remove the knobs from it when you go out.


That dog seems to do mischief things but we could not sue a dog can we? I just hope its owner are safe.

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