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the answer is "NO, you are not a bad dog. you are a GOOD DOG" Always.

and sorry about that .... your testicles are gone forever...


Ha! I think my dog wrote this. All but the testicles part. She never had those to begin with.


Too adorable..and true..good one.


Aww I hope so dog..I hope so. good stuff.


oh man..i loved that...how sweet...and i asked the goddess and she said the balls go back on..just like before..you enter heaven like you enter the world...which means i don't want to be there when joan rivers and michael jackson show up...

Dirty Butter

Since there were animals in the Garden of Eden, I'd like to think there will be animals in Heaven, too. I can't imagine there not being a place for all our wonderful pets to greet us, can you? This was cute. Thanks for the chuckle, and thanks for stopping by Yesterday's Memories, too.

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