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Of all the dogs I've owned during my lifetime, the two dogs that would bite people (including members of my family and myself) were a terrier (wire-haired fox) and a basset hound. The terrier was simply high strung but not mean. The basset was mean which is atypical to the breed.

It's my own experience that there are dogs out there that are just plain mean. It has nothing to do with the breed but some genetic quirk that makes them that way. Then there are the dogs that people make mean. Again, it's not the breed but the people (owners).

The findings of this study don't surprise me.


Yes! If you don't mind, I'm going to provide a link to this post in my blog post tonight.

You've summed it up beautifully. With this last bit "Punishing innocent dogs and responsible dog owners by legislating against particular breeds is not the answer to the problem. Criminals will just find new breeds to corrupt."


Our neighbors use to have a beagle that was kept on a rope and all the kids teased him, he got very mean, people can make dogs mean, bad people will always find mean dogs.


Breed specific legislation for pit bulls, rottweilers and german shepards is racial profiling for dogs. It is so unfair. Where will it stop?


I hate it because it's like these dogs are being punished twice - once for their owners and then for what their owners have done to them.
Today I took my pit to the vet for her check-up. She was so happy to be there (sometimes I think she's smart - sometimes - not so smart...that vet has prodded and stabbed her numerous times) and was wagging her tail vigorously at all the dogs and people and everyone was smiling back and talked about what a pretty dog she was. Given half a chance, pits could really find their way into more good owner's hearts. Like any dog, they aren't for everyone but I have hopes for more happy homes.

Meanwhile - I saw a reality show on the Gottis where the thug-wannabe son had adopted three Rottweilers. When the trainer came she asked what he wanted his dogs to learn. He said "I want them to be vicious...."

You are so right. Great post!


I agree with Carrie's comment above. Any dog could potenially become vicious for a multitude of reasons. By singling out a handful it only encourages the ruining of other breeds. In Ontario the Pitt Bull is banned and experts are saying the new breed of choice amongst criminals will be the Cane Corso ... :(


Well said!

The Pomfather

See, me an' Johnny gots a team of teacup poodles for hire for pit fight work, but we get 80 percent of total revenues plus a 20 percent processing fee. Rotties, pitbulls, potbellied pigs, our teacups don't lose, see? Call for details. Deposit required,see?


Yes yes yes YES!
Also the vast number of dogs who inflict serious or fatal bites were CHAINED up at the time....
There are some STUPD people in my neighborhod with two Rottweilers (a male and a female, so the morons can make some money off puppies, UGH.) Well, guess what. They recently got a pitbull "to encourage the Rottweilers to be better watchdogs." Some people just need to become infertile and die, I'm not kidding.
Funny, I just did a sorta anti-BSL blog entry this morning, before I saw this.
Right on.

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