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That's adorable. I might want to get it. But I wonder if my dog will eat too many treats once he figures out how it works...


One of my dogs would learn to do it in about a minute and then would sit and eat until it was empty.


A gumball machine, love it. (A Pez dispenser wouldn't work for pooches, would it?)


I'm not sure if my dog could figure that one out or not. If she could all the treats would be gone in minutes. Kinda makes spending nearly $100 on the item pointless.


It's a very cute idea; but I wouldn't spend that much money on it.

Especially since my dog would rather break it to get inside than figure out how it works.


That is just too funny! What would be more impressive to your friends is if the dog would fetch a quarter, put it in the treat machine, turn the lever, and eat the treat. But then, that's just a regular gumball machine and how would the manufacturer market that! ;)


i asked her royal highness the queen anne and she said it would take most dogs a few years to learn how to do something that all she has to do is pat me on the cheek and i get up and get her treat for her..


Personally, I'd be more impressed if my friends taught their dogs to sit, or at the very least to not jump on me. Methinks Yuppy Puppy is fleecing a lot of unsuspecting dog owners.

I'm enjoying your blog!


I think that it seems to be a very cute idea, but what happens after the dog finds out how to use it, and gains so much weight from it. Maybe put a time limit on it to dispense once or twice a day. good story, very cute!

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