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You have got to be kidding.


For $500 you could hire a lot of dog walkers.


That looks kinda disgusting to clean.


Hi there!

This is the wildest blog post I have read all day! I am going to have to forward this around, people might just not believe me if I just told them.


Holy moly. That's a totally silly product. Well, maybe for people in high rise city apartments with little dogs....but still.


This is cool, but you're right about the male dogs. My pup will lift his leg and who knows where it will land.


I just love everything you come up with...this is a hoot and practical too..for the rougher sex..we need only find ourselves a plastic potted palm tree to place on the astroturf..or some such thing.
Perhaps a shower curtianed enclosure for the 'oops' I missed the plastic palm tree mom..messes.


This is either a really cool idea or really gross. I'm too tired to figure out which one right now, though.

Johnny Wadd

Interesting contraption there BUT $500 bucks????


I've seen that at pet show don't know how much dog like going on fake grass or on there Dog Beds


for $500 you could hire a house boy to walk your dog and massage your feet when he's not busy..

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool

Here is what I wanna know.

Jus' what kinda dog done went an' used that contrapshun that gal is dumpin' into the kermode there? That dog's wee-wee is so clear you aint gotta worry 'bout it stainin' you carpet none. Probably dont got no smell neither.

Jus' wonderin.


Are you guys serious? this is fantastic! not having to get up on a sunday morning to walk the dog, not having to worry about the dogs weeing while im at work is priceless!
count me in!


Wizdog is the same thing, only it costs $40, not $500 and a better concept. No grass:)


I guess it took an intelligent person to come up with the idea and the fact that knowbody else has is amazing, I guess in reallity we all sit around searching for answers on how to improve our income while it may look silly i have no doubt he is now a millionaire from it " what are you doing"?

Carol (Yorkie Lover) Goering

Your article was very interesting to read. As a dog breeder with 6 Yorkie housemates my life has it's share of training problems. In my puppy exercise pen I use something called a PetaPotty and I love it. The puppies begin using it right away with a minimum of training. I wouldn't trade my pack of Yorkies and litters of puppies for a more carefree life. I can't imagine life without them.

Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass can get hot in full sun, especially in dry climates. And I read an article that the expected lifetime of a synthetic grass is hard to define.


Ha ha. While that synthetic grass looks real to a human, my poodle didn't want to even WALK on it much less piddle, poo or anything else. Thank goodness I could return it. Maybe for a puppy during potty training but not very useful for a mature dog who knows what real grass is.

fake grass perth

This is the fact that future of lawn is artificial turf as the latest synthetic turf technology with great attributes to product strategy provide long term, worry free enjoyment. Synthetic grass is a great solution for parking lots, road medians and other hard to reach areas.


this is great I have a small back yard and some times I work late and don't make it home on time and have to pay the neighbors to take care of my dogs so this will be a great solution if I can get my dog to use it, thanks for the post I keep you updated on how it works
James the puppy master


This was a very great idea. Thank you for sharing such things like this. This will definitely loved by many dog lovers.

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