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Is this meant for spying on your pup while you are at work? If so, I want one! I think he sleeps all day, but it would be cool to see him anyway.


A piece of junk with a stuffed puppie around it.


Thanks for this info...sent it to my son. They may want to consider it for my granddaughter's room!


Might be a great nanny cam


I think a kid would think it was great.


so cute

Wellness Dog Food

Not professional though. Just looks good to those people who have kids and pets.


Really a piece of junk. I don't think it will find a good place in the market.

10k gold ring

You are absolutely correct. I also don't think it can do a great job in the market.

Chihuahua Training and Care

An item to waste money. I am just shocked why people are so crazy that they came up with such useless stuffs.

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