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The dog scooter is what i need for my great dane and dobie. Do they make tandem scooters?


Wow! That is neat....I bike with my dogs, but this looks ever so much easier. I'm going to post this to myy dog yahoogroup....we have several poodle (all sizes) members. They'll get a kick out of this.
Does it come with snow tires for midwestern winters? Hmmmm.....


That is a great idea. It looks like he has put a lot of time and effort into bringing a good product to dog owners. Hope it sells well.


Very interesting. I'm going to check it out.


cute dogs!



There are times when I really envy dog owners..

(As for the dark chocolate at Halloween, I'll take some too. Great post.)

Janey Loree

Awesome idea! Why didn't I think of something like that! Really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing it.

Cynthia Blue

How fun, my border collie would love that. :) A tandom would be great then I could do my collie and my bc.


However, poodles are perfectly capable of mushing in snow as well. A team of standard poodles finished the race 5 years in a row in about the middle of the pack. The daughter of that team's musher also mushed poodles in another race and still holds the record for best rookie. So yes, this would be good for them, but know that even their paws are as good as any dog's in a real winter race.


I have been training my dog for this since he was really little, we started with him getting use to a harness, the commands, and him dragging barbie dolls and other little things around. He is almost a year old and we have recently hooked him up to a bike. I am now looking for a scooter that we can run together with. You can get the hookups to have as many has 4 dogs on a scooter, or you can use a gang-line to have more dogs than that in front. The main concern is to protect the dog's feet. Sometimes they get so excited about running that they ruin or hurt the pads, especially on concrete or asphalt. So if you are going to get into this seriously, look into doggy boots.

rox wisely

Man are really smart in inventing new things. This one is great for exercise both for pet and owner, and also great for pet-owner bonding!

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