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Something like that happened in our tiny town. This woman owned a small book store and brought her cats to work for years, then someone complained or something. The town council passed an ordnance against cats in businesses. So she put up a sign that said The Cats belong here. If you don’t like it stay away. Nobody bothered her about it again.


Our old cat Rumpus was a regular in our bookstore,a dnpeople LOVED him.. 2 years after his sad demise, people still come in, and say things like, 'oh, this is Rumpus's bookstore!' Yes, it is. We were so proud of our boy. He brought in a lot of business.
And you should have tried keeping him out, I swear that cat could walk through walls.
I'd go in a store to see the dog or cat I loved. All the bookstores in Seattle, it seems have at least one cat in them at any one time.


That's just plain silly. All I would ask is that the owner put up a sign letting people know a dog was inside. That way if someone was allergic, they would know to stay out of the store.


Okay, so the dear doggy in question is actually outside NOT inside right? If so...these people need to seriously get a life. That's just idiocy.

The only reason I ask re: outside/inside is that I can see people having an issue with it if they have allergies. Myself, I wouldn't care but it's just a thought.
(As I scrolled back up and re-read the comments just now, I see the allergy issue was already mentioned. Laura's suggestion is perfect.)

Other side of the coin...this dog's been there for years. They should just leave it alone!!! Go pick on a pothole or something.



Holy cow! Next thing you know, people won't be allowed to bring their dogs in their own homes!! This is flat out stupid...and wrong. It seems pretty simple reall...if someobody has a problem with Zach they should just find another hardware store.


That breed of dog gets a bad rap all over the globe. Saddly they are wonderful companions when reared with love. But that is never taken into account.

shanti marie

These dogs are feared the world over. Its too bad. On the same note, A local art store took in two stray cats and I always enjoyed seeing them when I dropped in to get supplies. Now the city has banned them from the store, apparently one scratched a child.

I painted a portrait of my daughter's pit bull and you can see the love in her eyes.

jackiesue denney

dogs and cats should be running the country..they make better sense then the pols do..

Teacup Dogs

Dogs should be allowed to go everywhere with us.

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