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Cool! Seems like dogs can be trained to find just about anything.


great title. I wonder what a cell phone smells like to a dog.


That's amazing that dogs can sniff those out...of course my dog can sniff out a piece of chocolate wrapped in a airtight plastic baggie in the pocket of a jean jacket. Guess I shouldn't be that surprised! lol



the queerchef pimped me here :)


Haha! That is ingenious.
I trained a previous Rottweiler to find the TV remote. I have no clue what it smelled like to him, but he could find it every time.


i wonder if i can teach my cat to find my remote, my glasses, tv guide,and my ass with out using both hands.???

Nimfa and my english springer spaniel

Cool! Dogs are really intelligent and reliable. Who would have think that they will always be an aid to the government.

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