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Seriously? anal glands?


I don't know how to express their anal glands, either. Like you, I don't want to learn.

Luckily I've only had one dog that had a need to have this done. My vet kindly took care of the problem when I took him in for a regular visit.


I got as far in the instructions as "aim away from your face" and thats all I could handle.


I read somewhere that the instinct mammals have (including us) to lick a wound probably came about because there is an anticoagulant in the spit. I don't know if that's true or not.

It seems like we'd also want to minimize the smell of fresh blood in case other predators were around.


Hey Jan!

:) I'm liking your blog! LOL - It was a fun first post to read.

I'm off to visit your blog, and glad to meet you!


One of my dogs has anal gland problems so I have to express her glands now and then. Switching her to a raw food diet seemed to help though.

Steve Bartlett

RE dog saliva as antiseptic. I do have a true story to suggest that this is true. My aunt and uncle have a farm, where many unwanted cats get dumped off. One of them had a ugly sore about the size of a silver dollar on the side of its neck that lasted for months and wouldn't heal. The cat was fairly friendly, and started hanging around the house. According to my aunt (who I don't think made this up), their dog (a border collie/lab cross) grabbed the cat one day and thoroughly licked out the sore. It then began to heal gradually over a period of weeks until it eventually disappeared. I can attest to seeing the cat before and after, so I believe that it happened. Since dogs are in the habit of eating almost anything (including carrion), it seems plausible that their saliva would have antiseptic qualities.


Good story. My grandmothers used to believe that animals could heal wounds by licking and it seemed to work. Sometimes I believe that the wisdom of the old ways are superior to our over scientific ways of today.


It has taken two years, but my cat of 18 years and my bf's dog have bonded after my bf moved in 2 yrs. ago. Recently, the dog has started licking my cats' butt and we are both wondering why? My bf gets mad and scolds the dog, while my cat likes it. Can you tell me why this behaviour is happening? Sounds kinda strange, but I am seriously wondering why? Thank you so much . love your site! signed, confused


My spayed cairn terrier keeps licking and gnawing at the base of her tail. When she does this I notice an unpleasant odour. Would the be something to do with even though she has been spayed?


The dog licking wounds doesn't have an antiseptic effect. Dog spit is full of bacteria, just like the spit of every other animal, including humans. (However, according to a science experiment my niece did, dog spit doesn't have as many bacteria as cat spit!)
However, the licking does clean infected matter out, as well as dead and decaying tissue, allowing the wound to heal. Nurses do the same thing with patients in the hospital, changing bandages and cleaning wounds daily.

laminate flooring

You put it on the ground rather than floor.


My miniature poodle will be 15 years old next month. She wakes up every night about 2 or 3 times whining to go outside and ulrinate. She whines all the time. She also leaks. I put pampers on her, of which she doesn't like. Because she leaks, I constantly have to bath her back half. What can I do to help her?

Greg Gorgeous

My wife did a science experiment in nursing school. She cultured our American Rat Terriers saliva and then our daughters. In three days under a microscope my daughter's saliva grew a forest and bacteria loaded. Our Terrier Bitch's saliva was absolutely clean. They had a Vet on the Dr OZ show that attested to how clean a dog's saliva is as they contain healing enzymes. I had a hang nail on my toe and in attempting to remove it, started bleeding profusely. A dollop of Berkeley Farms Whip Cream Light on the toe which was licked clean by our Rescued Pit Bull... the Toe is good as new and healed ultra fast.

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