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I didn't know dogs could get this. Right now I have a female dog, but if I get another male I'll have to keep this in mind.


Something to watch out for to catch early stages.

BT in SA

OMG - Did not realize this was so common! We lost our beloved Sergeant [Rottweiler] to TCC on March 4, 2003. There is quite a bit of information out there - on the web - about this. Chemo not recommended - per the specialist we visited. I did, however, work with Baby Sarge's diet feeding him antioxidants - sweet potatoes and broccoli, along with unsweetened applesauce, broiled meat and chicken... This seemed to help some.

I realized that Sarge was having trouble peeing - and attributed this to "old men" prostate thing - even though at eight he wasn't old [large dogs do not have long life expectancies]. Every week I took urine in to have the cell-count done - probably not necessary - but we could see how bad things were getting. We made the decision not to let Sergeant suffer and I truly hope that he didn't. Our vet told us he would tell us when that time came, if Sarge didn't let us know, first. Sarge did let us know, and when he started wimpering in pain, we knew...

It was not long after Baby Sarge's passing that we acquired a Great Dane puppy - terribly abused - from a rescue league. Little Sterling... And this past spring I was sure that Little Sterling needed a sister, so I got him one! Saffrynn - a black standard poodle puppy. I have a couple of pictures posted at my site - under "Kids" one of my earliest posts, done in June.

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