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And too often we either pamper them too much or abuse them


Hi, Just surfed in. Great subject matter. I only wish everyone could realise how really special and much of a blessing these wonderful creatures are. If not for the dogs & cats who have graced my life I daresay I wouldn't have half the compasion I have today. They have taught me so many things on so many levels.

Angels on earth I say!

There should be a mandatory 'Spend a day with an dog' national program so more people would wake up to how much they add to our lives. (supervised of course).


They are the best. I love my puppy boys!


And we should all fell honored! (Well, except for the picking up the poop thing.)

I LOVE the photo of the two pooches in the post - it looks like they just heard a good joke.


There is no greater love than the love of a dog ... :)

My dog does not care if my hair looks bad, if there is a big pimple on my nose, if I had a stressful, nasty day at work, if I'm being grumpy ... when I walk in the door he is just happy to see me .. and that usually works at melting all the stress away ... I cannot imagine life with a dog ... :)

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