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That's a new one for me, I've not seen that at all...interesting how they can hit you hundreds of times or not at all isn't it?!


Who makes up these things?


I've heard both versions of that story and I'm always amazed that people believe either one.


This is possible, but not at all probable. That's why urban legends go on.


I've never heard this story

Mary Jo

I have a twist on this story that is true. My ex husband and I lived in a more country setting. When we met, he had a mix breed dog named Max that he pretty much let run around where ever he pleased. The next door neighbor was a hunter and one fall got a doe, bow hunting. He dressed it in his carport and left the head in the carport. Max snatched that thing and drug it all over the place! He would bury it, then dig it back up, you never knew where you were going to see that poor deer's head in the morning when you got up! The neighbor wasn't mad (he hadn't planned on mounting it), Max just got his teeth in it before he could dispose of it. Somehow the guys got rid of it where Max could no longer find it. I didn't want to know, I was just glad it was finally gone!


This story could have happened. We managed to trap a gopher in our yard. We buried it thinking we had seen the last of it. But our neighbor’s dog dug it up and proudly took it home hoping for praise from its owner.


Never heard it either but did see it on Dickie Roberts. I think someone been watching too much tv or take tv too seriously.

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Believe it or not I just heard a "parenting expert" use this story on the Today show as a true story that happened to her friend illustrating the need for us to stop rescuing our children.


This actually happened in 1990 to a good friend of mine and the story was actually published in Readers Digest. He was freaked out because his dogs had already killed a sheep from a neighbors farm and was threatened to be euthanized by the police.

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