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My dad was 73 when he got his first dog, a tiny white mutt that ran his life.


What a wonderful story. I'm so glad for Phil, Cijji, and Pepper that they found each other!


Its like they were all three just destined to be together.


Wow! That's a great story! I know that Cijji has been a real blessing to Phil with the loss of his wife. I'm glad they have each other.

charles ravndal

What a fantastic story! It reminds me of this akita in japan who waited and waited on the train station for her master to comeback without knowing that he already passed away due to an accident


This is such a cute blog,I have an apricot poodle who rules and has his own blog ,please stop by and send me a picture,I have a distinct lack of poodle photos!


I'm glad Phil finally came to his senses and discovered how great dogs are to have around.


I just got a Shih-poo, I love him, he is 8 months old. He is such a sweet and smart little dog, I have had him for two weeks now, The one thing I have noticed, is that he is very strong willed and does not take to me correcting him at all. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me, or if this stage will pass as he gets a little bit older.
I love the story of teh Cijji, and the photo reminds me so much of my Bailey.


I don't have a shihpoo, but I have two chipoos. I am a big fan of poodle mix dogs. These two are the best dogs I have ever owned. You can see there pictures at www.chipoo.poodlemixes.org.


Where does the owner live? I had a dog that looked just like this dog. I would love to know the breeder.

Sherry's Shih Poos

Wow, what a story. It really does seem that certain dogs just know when something is wrong. I can picture your Shih Poo trying to wake up your wife, because every morning that is exactly how my Shih Poo wakes me up to say that she is ready to eat.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as I found them extremely informative and blown away!

Sherry's Shih Poos

rox wisely

This make my heart melt. Dogs never fail to touch people's lives, even the lives of people who were not naturally dog lovers. No heart is so hard that a caring dog cannot melt.


dogs are so cute


i love dogs

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