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I didn't know all of that. Very interesting information.

My mutt wouldn't have made a good military dog, either. Like the poodle, my dog would happily consort with the enemy for a belly rub.

sam everett

My dog is mostly german shepherd and dobie. He wouldn't make a good military dog either. If the enemy wanted to romp he'd be off having a good time.


[Aboard the aircraft carrier Enterprise]

MP: Max, heel.

Poodle: It's Pierre! Pierre! How I love him, but why doesn't he speak Dog?

Sergeant: MP, I believe that dog needs to "use the latrine".

Poodle: And that's another thing. Where is my mown lawn?!

Linda Kloss

Interesting. Standard poodles also competed in the Idetarod and finished!! (Something like 300 somethi out of 400 something teams) Only problem was their hair was too long and one poodle got frozen to ice. (Freed immediately tho!!) So they have grace, beauty, smarts and determination!!

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