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You are so right! The average person has no idea the amount of training that goes into creating a helper. I have seen these dogs and have a very high regard for their patience, intellegence,and just plain good sense.


My brother has a guide dog and occasionally he has not been allowed to go in restaurants or cabs. Some people think that because it is private property, they can bar guide dogs. But they can be fined or even arrested.


Before I write this next bit, I want to go on the record as saying that no one with a guide dog should be barred from going anywhere.

However, there are people out there allergic to animal dander, some severly. A cab is a inclosed space where a driver with an allergy could begin to have serious problems if he had to allow a dog in the cab.

In a situation like that (where the allergy is preferrably documented), I don't think a cab driver should be fined for refusing to allow a guide dog in the cab. (S)He should, though, call the cab company back, explain the situation, and wait until a new cab arrives.

I don't know the situation in this particular case. I'm just speaking as a person who had to have allergy shots for years to get to the point where I could cuddle my dog without sneezing my head off.


Laura makes an excellent point which I seldom think about. People with allergies should have a way to protect themselves from being around the source of the allergy.


As a foster mother to a fledging guide dog, HOPE, I can comment on personal experience. I have been both harassed and welcomed as I take "Guide Dog in Training to the various places to learn and experience the world they will help their future partner in. (FYI - the pups/dogs wear an identifing jacket)
On the negative side: In a local mall, the young earnest security guard asked me to leave. I tried to explain that I had been there many times previously and that indeed the young dog was allowed. I was unable to convince him that it was "ok". I resorted to asking him to put the mall rules aside, and think about it this way... let's say I was blind and I was in the mall with my new guide dog... if the dog has not been exposed to malls, lights, open stairs, people, elevators, escalators... and the dog has not been taught how to behave and is familiar with the mall environment... where does that leave me as a blind person depending on their guide dog.
On the positive side: I went to a world famous tourist location, with the Guide Dog in Training... she attracted some attention... HOPE, the fledging Guide Dog, provided the door man at the local hotel with his smile for the day... everytime we passed their escalator... I was semi-dragged over to the escalator so that we could ride up and down the escalator. In the Hard Rock Cafe (Niagara Falls, Ontario), we were welcomed open armed. The staff asked if my dog needed a drink. I repied "Yes, and thank you." I asked that they select a bowl or dish that wouldn't spill. Hope had a great drink and spent the hour, while I ate, happily asleep on the floor under the table. Everyone in the restaurant was both curious and enchanted with "my" Guide Dog in Training.


I am appalled to read that this person refused this gentleman and his guide dog.

Now if this was his own company I can see this happenening,and he has a right to refuse, but it wasnt and if he's allergic then he should of stated to the company he worked for that it involved a pet he couldnt pick them up.

If he had a bad issue with dogs as a child, I could also see that.

It's too bad that this issue happened, let it be a reminder to all people who drive cab.


I have a service dog and places would not let my SD in because when they look at me you can't tell I have a disablity. I have seizure, hearing loss and anxiety attacks use a epi-pen also have asthma. The first place I got my service dog patches from they didn't stand out on the vest so people could read them I know she was a true service dog. Then I found a Great website were their patches stand out and are brighter colors, after putting these style patches on my dog I have know problem taking my service dog out in public. Know I'm on my second service dog.
Go take a look at the patches and vest ect online at Pup'parel


I have a poodle as a service dog as well I thought people might like to know this. I was looking for a nice patches for my SD and I came across a website that has a poodle service dog patche The poodle is in the middle of the patch,I order it and can't wait to put it on my poodle hunter green service dog vest.
I hope people like it as much as I did, I hope this patches will let people know that a poodle can be a service dog just like a lab is a service dog and not bother her when she out in public working.

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