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I don't know what people are thinking when they leave pets in hot cars, take dogs for walks when it's 100+ degrees out, or keep them out in a yard without any water or shade. If it were up to me, the punishment for folks who do this to their pets would be for them to endure what they put their dogs through. They should be thankful it's not me, or other pet lovers, who are in charge!

charles ravndal

This is nice since soon I might be getting a dog and I know which blog should I go and check out!


We're have a heat crisis in Arizona too. Just yesterday I saw two dogs in hot cars in the parking lot. I located the owners and lectured them.


We are having a heat wave here on the east coast of Vancouver Island, too. Thanks for putting this reminder out for people. And I never knew that dogs had sweat glands in their feet...I prefer to smell popcorn, lol.


Yay, excellent post!
The fastest way to cool off a dog, as you said, is by getting water on their tummy and groin. There's those cool wrap things you can wrap around a dog's belly, just to keep the comfy when it's hot.
I just ordered a portable AC, a reflective shade cloth and a cooling crate mat (you soak them with water and they stay really cool for hours) because I have outdoor agility trials coming up. My main dog is a long haired Rottweiler, looks like a bear, and he does not tolerate heat well!


It's always good to remind people not to leave their pets (any kind) in a car at this time of the year. My dog loves to go for rides in my car but unless she's getting in and out with me (like at the vet's) I don't treat her to a car ride except after the sun has gone down and everything has cooled off.


I think dog feet smell like fritos.


Thank you for this information. I forgot about cooling off my dog's feet.

Joni Davis

I think some one should be posted at every Walmart just to watch out for the people who leave thier dogs in thier cars it happens so offten in places like Walmart that you just want to stamp a sign on the fourhead of the ofenders and when it is a big store such as a Walmart,sam's club,Lows,Kmart,exc..... its not just for 10 or 15 minutis it is for at least 30 to 60 minutis.

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