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a Dachipoo is not something I'd like to see. But I have seen a longhaired dachsund and a wirehaired one. Haven't seen a long haired Datsun!

Terry Bain

That's it! Let's write to the Nissan corp and tell them to come out with a retro car and call it the Dachshund.

Which do you prefer, by the way... Dachsie or Doxie?



Yes a car with long hair would be more frightening than a Poodle-Dachshund, I'll admit.

I like Dachsie and Doxie, but not Datsy.


I just bought myself a dachshund/poodle mix and he is the absolute cutest pup I have ever owned. His temperament is wonderful. He is black with wiry hair and my allergies are not bothering me even though he is with me all the time. This mix is great for people who with allergies. I personally do not like full poodles but I have seen some of the crosses and think they are super. Have a great day!


Hey!!! Don't diss "DOODLES" - the proper name for the hybrid - dachshund/poodle mix

We have owned a dachshund/poodle mix female for 3 years. She is very pretty, intelligent, stubborn (well, she is a girl!!) and has an extremely calm, affectionate temperament.

We named her "Doodle" because that is what she is!!! a DOODLE - this is the correct name for this particular hybrid according to the majority of Canadian breeders that are responsibly building this breed.

Although we chose to spay our girl, there are times I wish we hadn't because she is, without a doubt, the best pet we have ever had and would have made a wonderful mom producing wonderful pups!!. She is gorgeous with the black, wooly fur of a poodle but shorter legs, longer body, and longer snout of a wire-hair daxie (her dad's side of the family!!) We keep her face groomed to suit that breed.

And no, she bears no resemblance whatsoever to a small sporty import car!!!

Smoochie's Mom

My Smoochie is the most handsome boy in the neighborhood! He has lovely curly black hair, a beautiful face that has the best of both breeds. He is a rock star at the school because the kids love to pet him and rub his belly. If your a breed snob you don't know what your missing!!!

Sherrie "Doodle Owner"

We have a "doodle" or a doxi-doodle, as we call her. She is all brown and is the sweetest, best dog we've ever owned. She doesn't shed and she is so easy going. She has been the best addition to our little family. Everyone thinks she is a miniature wire-haired dachshund. We have 2 friends who got puppies from the same mom and they both say they are wonderful pets.


My poodle, Littleman, has mated with a dachshund, Weasal, and the puppies are due in a couple weeks. I can't wait to see what they look like. My poodle is the most dosile poodle you will ever meet (not hyper)and weasal is even tempered also. I think this is a great match!

Wayne South

My "Sassy" had a black standard poodle father and a little weiner dog mother. She was a black-haired puppy, but now is a more gray color. She is adorable! Thick curly hair. Her only trick is covering her eyes with both paws and doing "Peek A Boo".


I wish we hadn't because she is, without a question, the best pet we have ever had and would have created a amazing mom generating amazing pups.

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